Hi there! 👋🏾
I'm Olakúnlé,
a user experience designer.

I'm a curious individual who spends lots of time understanding people's behavior and their needs in connection with business and value. Currently, I'm making mischief at Mischief Makers.

About me

I am a collaborative designer who places a lot of value on data gathered, to understand problems before seeking solutions. My background in graphic design contributes greatly to my UI skills and attention to detail.

I also reflect a lot on who I am as a designer, and on the design process itself. I’ve been organizing my thoughts in writing, I posted some articles on medium.

more about me

I have recently completed my UX design education and seeking collaboration and growth opportunities. I'm always available at the contact information below:

My work experience

Jan 2022 - present
UX Design Intern at Mischief Makers B.V, Amsterdam
I signed up to 3 phased period, to learn and practice experimentation, business value of design and experience design. I was also involved in the continous iteration and development of new features and content on the website.
Sept - Dec 2021
UX Designer - Freelance Mischief Makers B.V, Amsterdam
I worked as the sole UX designer on the company’s website to boost engagement and drive conversions up while reducing bounce rates. I collaborated with stakeholders  to understand goals and objectives of the design and content strategy. I created flow diagrams, wireframes, mockups and pixel perfect prototype. I worked closely with the engineer to help build the website as designed.
Junior Designer
Jun - Aug 2021
UX Designer at Routes In, Amsterdam
I conducted UX research which included interviews, competitive analysis, and heuristic evaluation to discover the problems to design for. I worked on the website conceptualization, information architecture and usability. I also created the user flows and wireframes that were eventually used when the website was designed.
Senior Designer
2020 -2022
UX Designer at Hyper Island, Karlskrona
I was involved in 8 real client projects and other fictional projects. These projects are about Product design, UX research, Data analytics, Story telling, Experimentation and Prototyping.
Senior Designer
2013 - 2018
Graphic designer at Fine Art Printers
I was part of the design team and also responsible for ensuring the right artwork gets to the production team without errors. My daily tasks revolves around designing flyers for small businesses and managing the production in the print factory.