I’m Olakunle

My evolution as a designer began as a curious kid, with a keen interest in understanding how things work. I'd put stuff apart to discover why's and how's, then test different ways to fix them. Drawing and trace sketching was my hobby, which quickly evolved into graphic design which I learned by myself. I'm still a curious, happy learner and creative, in both problem solving and digital design.

My design philosophy is that "there's nothing to design if we don't know the problem to solve..."

I’m excited by the process of deriving user needs from research, creatively leveraging the power of technology to satisfy those needs, and thinking critically about the constraints and edge cases to make sure that the designed solution scales. I'm a detail oriented designer.

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The real design process is always messy and full of uncertainties because every process is unique. I believe that a good designer should approach any problem they face with a designer’s mindset; to experiment with different approaches, fail fast, and constantly reflect on experiences to seek improvement.

I also reflect a lot on who I am as a designer, and on the design process itself. Recently, I’ve been organizing my thoughts in writing, I posted some articles on my medium page. I've also been privileged to share my knowledge with some young students in Sweden.

At Rodebyskolan with some grade 8 students after my design session classes

Things i’m good at

Product design
Interaction design
UX research
Data analysis
Wireframing and Prototyping
Business value of design
Design strategy

Some of my work has been featured in full or in part

UX Designer At Routes In, Amsterdam
I led the research on the impact mentorship creates in helping young creatives with low income background in European cities find their way into the creative industry of their choice, and how we might help them discover Routes In.
I redesigned the company website with data gathered from this research.
June 2021 - Aug 2021, June 2022 till date

UX Design Intern at Mischief Makers B.V, Amsterdam
I reduced bounce rate by 25% and increased user engagement by 60% through redesigning the “mischievous” website.
I redesigned Facilipedia; the company’s open-source platform for facilitators, to improve usability and accessibility.
Jan 2022 - June 2022

UX Designer at Hyper Island, Karlskrona
I was part of a collaborative and high-energy learning environment that mirrors workplace dynamics. I was surrounded by a diverse set of talent and industry experts which gave me opportunity learn hands on, based on experience.Aug 2020 - June 2022