Product design | October 2020

Connecting personal trainers with trainees.

Trime is an app that simplifies the complete process of Personal Training from finding, booking, comparing, paying and later on following up for both Trainers and their customers.


For people looking to train with personal trainers, they need to find a trainer through the gym or word of mouth, and it usually require a long term subscription. No platform to book sessions with a trainer for specific purposes without prior mutual affiliation. Most Personal trainers find it difficult to find new clients without going through the gym. No reliable and straightforward way to market themselves.

I worked with one other UX designer on this project.




Product design

My Role

Product Designer

Live Site

The brief

Design features that helps trainees find qualified personal trainers listed on the app.

Design process and timeline

Research insights

We conducted 2 interviews and sent out surveys to understand the experience behind booking trainings and user preferences. We also wanted to know the pain points to solve. Combined with desktop research competitive analysis, we chose to focus on the following problems.

Some users don’t want a full-time personal trainer, they would instead prefer a once off training session that can be booked and paid for through an app, without long term commitment.

It’s tough to find trainers specialised with injury management. Most trainers are good at other things but it’s rare to find a platform that offers qualified trainers that manages training related injuries.

Personal trainers are usually forced to work with with local gyms. This affects their income in return and are not able to choose who they really want to work with. Their clients are also required to be a member of the local gym to gain access to them.

The challenge

The goal of the project is to connects trainers with trainees.
Our solution

We designed a new feature in Trime that allows trainers to create custom schedules that can be bought by trainers. Trainees can find trainers near them based on their location and their preferences. Trainees can also prebook sessions based on trainer’s preset availability.

Solution #1

Choice between finding a trainer and consultations

For users who wants to simply find a trainer for consultations such as injury management or dietary plans, they can easily begin their journey as soon as the app loads, just as it is for those looking for personal trainer for training purposes.

Solution #2

Personal trainers categorised

Users can now choose which type of trainer fits their needs best and can tailor their search according to this need

Solution #3

Find trainers near you

Based on their location, it’s now possible to find trainers in the area, and view their profiles, prices and availability. Trainees can see if the trainer is qualified, verified and comments/reviews from other people that have trained with them in the past.

Solution #4

Trainer deals

Trainers can create deals within the app that can be purchased by trainees. These deals can be individual trainings or in groups. This solution eliminates the gyms as third party and required memberships for trainees.

Learnings and Next steps

This project was delivered after 4 weeks working with my teammate plus additional 2 weeks spent on improving the UI which I did on my own. This project was a school project.

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