UX Research | January 2021

Customer dashboard for Bravida's clients

Bravida is one of Swedens biggest service and installation company. They offer all numerous types of installations, maintenance and related services to other businesses and also individuals. Bravida is a 100 year old company and they have been able to stay around for so long because they adapt and stay tuned with emerging technology.


In this project, the main goal was to understand their customers perspective when operating within their system. They want several data points and insights from research, that will help design a better way to work with their clients. Also, these data will be used to improve their customer web portal and design their new desktop dashboard.

I worked in a team of 5 UX designers to bring this project to a success.




Product design

My Role

UX designer

Live Site

The brief

Gather insights through research, customer interviews and map out Bradiva's customer journey. Provide design suggestions for new customer dashboard based on research data.

Our solution

A comprehensive customer journey and a new customer dashboard design.

We conducted user interviews, expert reviews and created empathy maps based on our research. The synthsised data was used to formulate a persona. We formulated an hypothesis, made userflows and created wireframes for testing. After testing and aligned with stakeholders from Bravida, we created a high fidelity prototype of our solution.

I iterated on the UI designed by me and the team after the project. The image below is my final design.

💡As much of this is protected by NDA, I'm unable to post a full case study online. Kindly contact me if you'd like to know more about this project.